Urus Masa Cara Jutawan

… Skills for managing time…

Say no to everything that don’t supports your immediate goals

15 secret that success people know about time management

“ Kajian daripada 7 Billionaire, 13 successful athletes,  29 Straight “A” students and 239 entrepreneurs….”

  1. Time is your most valuable and scarcest resources – Everyone have 1,440 minutes a day, some waste their time and not using it optimally
  2. Identify your most Important Task (MIT) and do it first – prioritise it, do it early in the morning. 1st two hours of our early morning time.
  3. Work from your calendar, NOT your to do list…To do list is wasting time, 41% in it never get done
  4. Overcome procrastination, beat your future self – put reminder
  5. There will always be more to do – only stop when you are tired. Work really-really hard, get things done.
  6. Always carry a notebook – our minds are best used to processing different ideas, not to hold on to information
  7. Control your inbox – check according to schedule or when you really want to it, shut off notification.
  8. Schedule and attend meetings as a last resort – say no to long meetings, meetings in afternoon session.
  9. Say no to everything that do not support your immediate goals. – learn to say “no”
  10. Follow the power of pareto principle – “20:80” rule….Focus on the most important 20% things that can lead to your goals…80% will come from the universe.
  11. Focus on your unique strength and passion – delegate the work to others
  12. Batch your work in recurring themes – assign different themes to your work day so we can focus on one specific works. 3 different theme, focus day, buffer days and free days.
    • Focus day – focus on most important activities (Sales & marketing, 20 pareto principle)
    • Buffer day – to catch up on phone call, emails, paperwork, administrative stuff.
    • Free day – day that you do not work, resting and recharge
  13. If you can do task in less than 5 minutes, do it immediately.
  14. Routinely used early mornings to strengthen your mind, your body and your spirit – the 1st hour or 30 minutes is the most important
  15. Productivity is about energy & focus, not time.
    • Take care of our body and mind, get good deep sleep, drink lots of water.
    • Cara bekerja – “Sprint and rest, sprint and rest”….30 minit focus, dan rehat sebentar untuk recharge…

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